Whether your private yacht charter destination is Wrightsville Beach, Downtown Wilmington, Southport, Bald Head Island or Topsail, there are multiple restaurants to choose from at each destination.

Some of our favourites are:

Sail Fish and Ballyhoos at Marsh Creek Marina (20 mins fast cruise from WB).This spot pretty much ticks all the boxes from high quality fresh seafood to panoramic views looking out at North Figure 8 and Rich’s Inlet. A popular cruise loops along the sound side of Figure 8 Island’s north shore, skips across the sand bars of Rich’s Inlet, passes behind Lea-Hutaff Island and through Green Channel back to the ICW. From where Green Channel joins the ICW it a short dash back south to Sail Fish.

South Beach Grill on Wrightsville Beach sits on the ocean side of Banks Channel Bridge. Conveniently located a stones throw from a public boat ramp, it is a short stumble to craft cocktails and a elegant menu of fresh seafood. If you prefer to grab your meal to go we can slow cruise our way through dinner or drop the anchor in a peaceful location nearby.

Provision Company at Southport is an easy run south from Wrightsville Beach and has and handful of slips available for patrons arriving by water. Heading south down the ICW Carolina Beach appears in 30 minutes shortly followed by the impressive Snow’s Cut. Once in the Cape Fear River, the shelter of Southport is reached in around 50 minutes.

Lewis Sea Food at Topsail. Technically not a restaurant but instead a unique combination of a sea food food shop and food truck, it does not get any fresher! Fill the cooler with fresh catch for dinner and pick up a fresh seafood picnic to be enjoyed at a nearby sandbar or while we slowly cruise back south. A 45 minute run north from Figure 8 or an hour from Wrightsville Beach. North up the ICW, wind through Howard’s Channel and zigzag through the forever changing south Topsail Inlet.