Cape Fear Charter Club
Cape Fear Charter Club is a members-only, private club offering exclusive access to a Hinckley Picnic 36’ for yacht charters. Explore our storied coastline without the maintenance and hassle that comes with boat ownership.

Member Benefits

15 Days

Enjoy up to 15 days on the water per season

Private Skipper

You tell us when and where and we’ll do the rest!

Zero Maintenance

All the benefits of boat ownership without the trouble and unforeseen costs

What does membership include?

  • Each member is allocated up to 15 captained charters to schedule per season.
  • Days can be broken down into half days.
  • Custom memberships with less allocation also available. 
  • Multi day charter also available.


Can membership be shared?

Absolutely yes. We encourage large families and friends to share memberships and access to the boat. The primary member will be responsible for the membership payment and the coordination of bookings.

What’s not included?

  • Fuel, alcohol, food, snacks and dockage where required.
  • Fuel is charged at $50 / hr for slow cruising and $95 / hr for a fast cruise.
  • The drinks check entirely depends on the taste of your passengers!


Do you offer nonmember charters?

Yes. Eleanor is available for half day and full day charters Monday to Friday. Weekends are available subject to member reservations.

Cape Fear Charter Club is not just your typical Wilmington yacht charter service. With boat prices higher than ever, slip wait lists longer than two years, convenient access to the water around Wilmington has become increasingly challenging.